Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy (PT) focuses on physical movement and mobility, and promotes health and fitness with all of our adults and Seniors needing physical therapy. PT examines, evaluates, and treats individuals with mechanical and physiological conditions related to multiple diseases, conditions, and/or deformities.

Rennes Health & Rehab Center focuses on:

  • Gait Training & Transfer Training
  • Balance, Endurance, & Strengthening
  • Range of Motion
  • Orthotics of the Lower Extremity
  • Physical Agent Modalities that include: Ultrasound, Electronic Stimulation, Diathermy & Infrared which treat Edema, Pain Management, Orthopedic Needs, & Stroke Management

We offer Physical Therapy at Rennes Health & Rehab Centers located in Appleton/Fox Cities, De Pere/Green Bay, Peshtigo (East & West), Rhinelander, and Weston/Wausau.

We also offer Lymphedema and Vestibular Therapies at select Centers.
Lymphedema refers to swelling that generally occurs in one of your arms or legs. Although Lymphedema tends to affect just one arm or leg, sometimes both arms or both legs may be affected.
Vestibular Therapy is a unique form of physical therapy designed to manage balance problems and dizziness. This therapy can greatly reduce or eliminate symptoms of dizziness and falls. In some cases, your symptoms may be resolved in as little as two visits. Some issues that can be improved with therapy are:

  • Dizziness
  • Unsteadiness/Feeling of Being Off Balance
  • History of Falling/Recent Falls
  • Vertigo (Spinning Sensation)
  • Problems with Vision During Head Movements

Vestibular Therapy is provided by our Advanced Certified Vestibular Therapist at our De Pere/Green Bay location.

Lymphedema Therapy, provided by our Certified Therapists, is available at both Appleton/Fox Cities and De Pere/Green Bay locations.