Innovative. Distinctive. Tradition.


The Rennes Organization is dedicated to providing quality services and compassionate, personalized care in the communities we serve.



Since the 1970s, Rennes has stood as a symbol of innovative, distinctive healthcare for Wisconsin. Our vision is to always be recognized as a leader in providing excellent healthcare and outstanding customer service. In addition, we strive to be on the forefront of improving our clinical expertise, facilities, and business plans all the while continuing the Rennes tradition.




  1. We believe in respect for each person’s worth and uniqueness; that all persons have innate dignity, receive efficient and competent care and promote an environment of trust in the communities we serve.


  1. We are an organization based on family and tradition, and take pride in our relationships with residents and staff. We value our employees as our most important resource and are devoted to their well-being and personal development.


  1. We believe in developing a distinctive culture that is deeply rooted by trust. We are dedicated to always doing the right thing for our customers, and fully comply with the laws, rules, and ethical standards that govern us.


  1. We believe that our services should provide a high level of clinical and rehabilitative skills and utilize the most innovative technology to provide a holistic approach to achieve outstanding outcomes for our customers.