What is it like working for Rennes Group?


Why would anyone want to work for Rennes Group?  In addition to offering a competitive wage and benefit program, we also offer a caring work environment with career growth opportunities.  Not only is it an expectation for our residents to feel at home at Rennes Group, but also to have our employees feel at home.  Employees at Rennes Group become a family themselves, creating an environment where everyone works hard to provide our residents superb quality care.  Employees also play hard, resulting in smiles and laughter every day. 

In addition to working in a caring environment, Rennes Group prides itself on providing their employees a very safe place to work.  We invest in time to train our employees properly to ensure they are not only safely caring for the residents, but also keeping themselves safe.  

Employees at Rennes Group believe in giving back to each other by creating fun in the workplace.  Throughout the year, residents and staff nominate Champions for Care: staff members who go above and beyond when delivering compassionate care. Recipients are honored on social media and in each facility with a special gift or premiere parking spot. Care teams come together time and again to create fun activities for employees and residents to participate in, such as theme days like pajama day, reindeer day or Halloween costume contests, just to name a few.  

Also, giving back to our local communities is very important.  As an employee, you will have opportunities to participate in events to raise money for local charities.  Examples include participation in community event, gingerbread house competitions, donating $1 for a jeans day, donating food items for a local food pantry, or raising money for the Never Forgotten Honor flights, which send veterans to visit the war memorials in their honor.

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