Speech Therapy Services

Outpatient and Inpatient Therapy Services Available

Speech disorders occur when someone has difficulty producing words fluently – such as when stuttering or when a person has issues with his or her voice or tone. Speech-Language therapists help people to speak, understand and swallow effectively. One might expect a speech or language therapist only works with the spoken word but speech therapy services go beyond verbal language and extends into comprehension as well. For example, someone who recently suffered a stroke or has developed thinking and memory issues may have difficulty understanding conversations and thereby sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings. A speech language therapist teaches skills necessary to regain and improve these skills.

Swallowing issues commonly arise following a stroke or significant injury, surgery or diagnosis like dementia, MS or Parkinson’s. Working with our experienced care team, we’ll develop a personalized care plan that guides you through recovery and helps you relearn skills for independence and communication. Depending on care needs, speech therapy can be delivered as either inpatient therapy at our skilled nursing home or as outpatient therapy.

Common reasons to see a speech-language therapist:

  • Stroke or other neurological therapies
  • Thinking and memory issues
  • Parkinson’s rehabilitation
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Language therapy (speaking and understanding)
  • Vital-Stim therapy 

Located in Northeast and Northcentral Wisconsin, Rennes Health & Rehab Center speech therapy is in your own backyard. Depending on your location, we also have specialists in Vital Stimulation, swallow studies, and communication disorders.

What to Expect During Speech Therapy

Your speech-language pathologist will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your swallowing, communication, hearing, and cognitive functioning and how they relate to eating, understanding language, and communicating with others, as well as enhancing memory, problem solving, and insight. Your therapist will collaborate with you to determine your goals and to develop a comprehensive speech therapy plan designed to improve and regain your language abilities.

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